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Get up to begin a day of shopping around the city. Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. Think about your good night’s rest and feel the pleasure of still having a few free days. Get ready to go out for dinner and savour the best quality cuisine. Discover a new artist and immediately plan another break in order to relive everything that you can do in Santiago for a few days.

Located in one of the quietest parts of the old town. Forget about asphalt for a moment and enjoy, as soon as you go out of the door, kilometres of stone-paved streets designed for walking. Our hotel is located just where you need it, in a part of Santiago de Compostela featuring numerous trend-setting restaurants, the best shops and the most vibrant leisure spots in the city.

The building housing the Altaïr balances tradition and tendencies, based on Japan’s wabi-sabi philosophy. The essences of this ancestral oriental art lies in combining the fresh and simple, wabi, with the beauty of the passing of time, sabi. The result is a delicate proportion that varies from the rustic to the contemporary, giving rise to a warm, simple and imperfectly beautiful atmosphere.